Salba Chia History

Salba Chia – The Fuel of Warriors

You may not be an Aztec warrior, but eating Salba Chia every day may make you feel like one! Way back when these early athletes looked to chia as a super fuel for energy and endurance, and so can you! Why? Because the nutrient dense make-up of chia makes it a mighty way to boost daily nutrition, with thousands of years of use to back up its powerful claims.


Salba Chia’s Rediscovery

When it comes to nutrition, Salba Chia is the cream of the crop, literally. Our premium Salba Chia has been scrupulously cultivated through years of research by our talented growers, Adolfo and Alfredo Mealla. Made from the only two registered varieties of Salvia hispanica L. – the botanical name of the chia plant- Salba is the most superior form of chia on the planet. We’re talking the class valedictorian and Hercules of chia.

As the big seed on campus, Salba Chia is the only variety of chia suitable for University research. When it comes to research, consistent nutrient make up is essential for accurate clinical results. The Maella brothers worked for years to develop a harvest that would meet these strict quality standards of Dr. Vladimir Vuksan at the University of Toronto, St. Michaels Medical Center. Salba Chia is so smart it has been to University, and passed with flying colors.

Which brings us to the present. Today, Salba Chia stands out among competitors for nutritional and agricultural consistency. Have you had your daily boost today?