How to Use Salba chia

Salba’s low flavor profile makes it ideal to incorporate into any meal or recipe. Salba can be used whole or ground. Unlike many whole grains, you do not need to grind Salba to get the nutritional benefits it has to offer.

Salba is so easy to use! Salba’s nutrient content can be beneficial even for people already maintaining a healthy diet. Want more fiber in your diet? Protein? Omega-3s? Calcium? We’ve got that! Salba can replace or enhance many elements of your existing diet.

Do you want better nutrition, but you’re not ready to give up your favorite snack? Enhance your dips, cookie recipes, or even your ice cream with a sprinkling of Salba. Of course, adding Salba doesn’t mean you can toss moderation out the window.

The following are some easy ways to incorporate Salba into your daily diet:

Sprinkling (whole or ground):

  • Cereal – sprinkle over the top after adding milk
  • Sandwiches – sprinkle grain onto spread (so it doesn’t fall off)
  • Salads – sprinkling Salba over the top of your salad dressing adds a nice crunch
  • Eggs – sprinkle over the top of eggs prepared your favorite way

Mixing (whole or ground):

  • Cereal – mixed in hot cereal before or after cooking
  • Sandwiches – mixed in your favorite sandwich spread
  • Salads – mixed in your favorite salad dressing
  • Smoothies – mix into your favorite smoothie
  • Eggs – mix in your omelets or scrambles before cooking
  • Soups – mix in your favorite soup to thicken
  • Sauces – mix in any sauce to thicken

Baking (whole or ground):

  • Replace the 1/6 flour in any recipe with ground Salba
  • Add whole grain to any recipe
  • 1T Whole grain Salba + ¼ cup of water = 1 egg (stir Salba to prevent clumping, blend gel for best results)

Enhance your muffins, breads, cookies, meatloaf, pie crusts, etc. with Salba!

Recipe Ideas

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